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Whenever someone asks me "what is the best way to work out?" or "how can I lose weight?" I always start the same way


"It depends...."


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My name is Colette Cooper and I am certified Level 2 Fitness Instructor. I am 34 and live in Hertfordshire with my husband and two gorgeous boys aged 7 and 5.  


I am a keen runner and have run 5k's to full marathons and love how running makes me feel. I compliment my running with strength training at the gym and supplement with good, whole foods. I believe in treating my body well.


If you would like to know more about me, you can follow me over on Twitter @colly4. Alternatively please check out the CollyPower Facebook Page here



The gym is my sanctuary and I can often be seen there from 5am most week day mornings (yes, I said 5am!). I love how strength training and makes me feel and I have come full circle from working out on the cardio machines 80% of the time to turning that around so that I am with the men pumping lots of heavy iron!
My body shape and weight has been up and down all my life. I have been aware of food, and how it makes you look all my life but finally feel that I have hit that "sweet spot" and can continue to life a healthy life.
Family time is incredibly important to me. I do what I do first and foremost for my children. I believe that it is crucial to lead by example and by doing this you create a new generation of healthier adults