My Favourite Podcasts

I love learning, and continue to build on my qualification as times goes on. But to supplement this I love tapping into the knowledge of industry experts.  I read articles and blogs where I can but the most effective way for me to learn is to download Podcasts onto my phone.  I listen to these everywhere; in the car on the way to work, at the gym, whilst out running and when doing the housework.

Here are a few of my favourites and what you can learn from them! And as a bonus, they are totally FREE!


Jay Scott Full Disclosure Fitness

I have an infinity with Jay as this was the first Podcast I ever downloaded and one of my influences for getting into the fitness industry. As stated in the title, it really is “full disclosure” and Jay has no problem with giving his opinion on the latest fad diet and exercise and exercises programmes.  He has a great mix of expert interviews (delving into the reasons they are in the industry) and letting you into his personal journey. The podcasts are typically 40-60 minutes long depending on the subject so is normally great company on my morning gym sessions.


Phil Learney Nutrition and Performance

Phil has a great format where he will work through listener questions that appear on his Facebook page. So if you are into training and nutrition, at some point a niggling question you have may appear.  There is a “no frills” aspect to this podcast and there are no interviews or weekly topics. The length is normally around 25-30 minutes making it a perfect length for my daily commute.


Ben Greenfield Fitness

Ben and his co-host Brock talk very in-depth about fitness and nutrition.  Ben is very educated in the way of supplementation and how to utilise these for ultimate performance.  He is a triathlete, iron man and ex body builder so he really knows his stuff.  As much as it can get a little “techy” every now and again, Ben and Brock are very engaging and they do answer listener questions regularly. These podcasts are quite long, anything from 60 minutes to 90 minutes so I tend to listen to these on long runs, or when I have a lot of housework to do!


Ben Coomber Radio

Ben and his co-host Rachel regularly hold Q&A podcasts where listeners will email in their questions.  These range from questions on diet, exercise, supplements, nutrition timing and body shaping.  Ben is a nutritionist and fitness enthusiast whereas Rachel is a Personal Trainer and fitness model so they complement each other beautifully.  Along with the Q&A sessions Ben also interviews industry experts to tap into their knowledge.  Depending on the content of the Podcasts these can be from 35-60 minutes long.


Marathon Talk

This is a must-listen for any runner.  Don’t be frightened by the title, it is not just about marathons!  It is hosted by Martin Yelling and Tom Williams.  Great runners in their own right and Martin is married to the Great British Female Runner Liz Yelling. Their format is fun and informative with news from around the running community both in the elite and amateur fields. They start off with their news, then onto listener “rate your run” before talking about the elite field and what races they have had. Then it’s onto training talk where you will pick up some great nuggets of information.  They also have a regular feature called Tony’s Trials (Bob from Emmerdale!) which is fun, before finishing off with an interview. These podcasts do tend to run over the 1hr 30mins mark so save them for a long run or gym session!


Fitter Food

Lovely couple Matt Whitmore and Cerys Marsden cover all things nutrition based with a little bit of fitness added in.  This podcast supplements their great website where I get lots of healthy recipe ideas! The podcast lengths are no more than an hour so perfect for a gym work out. You may want to concentrate on this though and listen with a pen and paper to get the information in!


Vinnie Tortorich

Otherwise known as “America’s Angriest Trainer”. I reviewed his book recently and this podcast is all about the #nsng concept (no sugar no grains). The show is entertaining and makes me laugh out loud whilst giving great information on how to live this lifestyle.  His co-host Anna Vocino is a perfect complement to his outspoken ways (in a good way) and she also has a great website where I pick up lots of low carb recipes. Vinnie will also do one-on-one interviews with industry experts.  These podcasts tend to be just over an hour.


Everyday Runners

Another must-listen for any runner. The host Matt Johnson interviews people like us, every day runners who all have a story. It’s a great listen on a long run when you are suffering as you can empathise with the runner stories! These are about an hour in length.


Evidence Radio

Armi Legge presents this short podcast (normally about 20-30 minutes) and it is what it says – evidence based advice on fitness and nutrition.  Armi has a great style and for his age it is impressive how much he knows!


The Calorie Myth

Jonathon Bailor presents this charismatic show which outlines the principles of calories not always counting as long as you are eating the right foods with realistic portions.  He also does industry expert interviews which support his concept. Podcasts last tween 35 – 60 minutes.

Fitness Confidential, By Dean Lorey and Vinnie Tortorich
I have been a regular listener to the Vinnie Tortorich "America's Angriest Trainer" Podcast for some time. Along with his co-host Anna Vocino, they offer great advice on nutrition and the priniciples of NSNG (No Sugar No Grains).
I has taken me a while to get his book, but once I started it I could not put it down.  Vinnie takes the reader through the "no BS" aspect of fitness and nutrition whilst giving us a glimpse into his life and health (be warned some of it make me quite teary!) and his experience of being an endurance cyclist. It all stems around the notion that having excess sugars and grains in your diet is harmful to both your health, and waistline!
This book currently sits under £2 on the kindle store and his podcast (downloadable from Itunes) is free!  So if you do nothing else listen to a couple of episodes of that and feed your brain!