Do you have time to exercise?

May 4, 2014

It's the main barrier I come across all the time "I don't get time".


How that should be phrased is "I am busy, and time is precious so I don't know how I can fit exercise into my day". That's better. Now you are sounding more positive about it.


So now that we have changed our mindset, how can we organise our time so that we don't feel that we have to "make time" for exercise.


Incorporate exercise into your day


Do you live near work? Can you walk the kids to school? Rather than driving or getting the bus, get up a little earlier and bike or walk.  I promise you by the time you reach your place of work/school you will be feeling VERY smug, and you will also know you have no choice but to do the same back home again - NO EXCUSE! if this isn't an option for you incorporate exercise in to your lunch hour. Leave a pair of trainers at work and take a walk to get your lunch.  Meeting friends for lunch? Tell them you will be a bit later and walk there.  You may encourage them to do the same! Take the stairs where you can, WALK to your colleagues desks rather than email and if you are feeling really keen do some toilet cubicle squats....(yes, you can ask me about this!)




Allocate time for your exercise. I have my filofax still (don't judge me, I live in the 90's I know....but it WORKS!) and I will write in my weekend runs.  Literally "Saturday 2pm = 8 mile run".  This way I know that I have an hour to dedicate to exercise and if anyone suggests doing anything that day, I will look at my plans and say "sorry, I have something on for an hour at 2pm, but how about 4pm?".  Another feeling of smugness RIGHT THERE when you meet people all fresh and showered from a work out.


Know yourself


You get in from work and you KNOW you will not have the motivation to get out and exercise. Once you step in the door you are inundated with chores, the kids always want something (dinner? really?) and you feel exhausted just looking at the pile of ironing that needs doing.  Well you know what? Don't come home!  No I dont mean ever, I mean pack your gym/running/yoga/etc stuff and go straight from work. Don't give yourself that oppurtunity to get out of it.




I have lost count of how many people tell me they don't have time for exercise and then I see their Facebook posts of "ooooh Eastenders is good", or "marathon film session this evening".  Their weekends are so full they cannot possibly squeeze in 20 minutes to walk round the block but it's "wine o'clock" at 5pm (whilst watching Eastenders prioer to the marathon film session).  What do you want more in life?  The healhy and fit body you have dreamed of for so long or to catch up on what Dot Branning is up to now (apologies if she isnt even in it, I dont watch the trash myself!).


So the key is here is PLAN, ORGANISE and PRIORITISE your exercise as you would your social life. Once you get into the swing of things you will think nothing of it!  Give it a try and let me know how you get on, and if you need any help let me know!


Good luck!


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