Do you work for your goals? Part 2 – Shape Your Body – One for the ladies

May 8, 2014

In part 1 we covered the principles of losing body fat. Now I want to talk about getting the body shape you have always desired.


Again for most we have to start with goal setting. Are we just happy with “toning” our body, or do you want to build muscle? Do we want to appear slim? Or muscular? Once you have these goals set you can start to exercise in the right way to shape your body.


In this part, I will concentrate on the ladies….


For most women the fundamentals are the same. We want to shave body fat from our thighs, bum, hips and to get shot of those bingo wings. Whilst it is impossible to “spot” train the fat from these areas, there are ways in which you can improve the shape of the muscles underneath. To start, nutrition needs to be in check. You have heard of the expression “abs are made in the kitchen?” Well this is true but relates to ALL of the muscles. We can have the tightest, prettiest muscles in the world but if they are hidden under lots of fat we won’t be able to see them!


If you are able to work out in a gym environment it is time to STEP AWAY from the cardio machines. Honestly, they are great to help you EARN your calories for a treat (see Part 1) but if you want to shape your body you need to venture into the weights section. Using these heavy bits of iron is the ONLY way to get those muscles working hard to give good tone. Below is a good idea of the exercises you should aim to do in order to shape your entire body:


Dumbell/Barbell Shoulder Press

Dumbell Lateral Raises

Dumbell Lateral Bends

Dumbell/Barbell Bicep Curls

Dumbell Tricep Kickbacks

Dumbell/Barbell Chest Press

Dumbell Lunges

Dumbell Split Leg Squats



You will get a pretty good weight lifting session if you incorporate the above exercises into your routine. Make sure the weight you start with is enough you can sustain for 8-12 reps and the last few should be a struggle. But remember GOOD FORM IS ESSENTIAL. If you are not sure ask the Gym Instructor to show you or book a personal training session so that you know how to do the exercises correctly!


If you are not able to get to a gym my advice would be to invest in a good set of weights for home. You can normally get these in a set (like a pyramid set) and they will range from 1.5kg to 5kg. Test them out in the shop to ensure you get the right reps for you (and don’t blame me for any funny looks you get in Asda!) You can follow the same exercises above.


If you cannot get weights then ALL of these can be adapted into bodyweight exercises that work the same muscle groups. Take a look on YouTube for these but if you need any help please let me know!


Good luck, and remember to ASK ME anything you need to!

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