5 Tips for keeping healthy and active at your desk job

July 22, 2014

Sometimes you can be as active as you like in the mornings/evenings/weekends, but if your day job involves being sat at a desk for 8 hours (or more), all that mobility work can be undone when you spend long periods of time hunched over a desk working your office job. So how can we limit the damage?


Here are some tips to ensure you can stay as active as you can:


1. Drink lots of water


This tip seems to come up lots health articles and it does for a reason.  Not only is it very good for you to take lots of water in for hydration purposes (especially when you are hot) but the relevance for this blog post is this:  The more water you drink, the more you will need a wee! Therefore the more time you spend off your bum and walking to the toilet! I always have a full bottle that I will drink throughout the day and replenish this regularly adding more to my work day activity levels!


2. Think before sending that email


Is there really any need to send an email to a colleague when you can walk to their desk instead? I understand the need to “put things in writing” but not everything needs to be done that way.  Before you write that email, have a think about if it is REALLY necessary? More often the delight of having a face to face conversation will bring on more productivity and have you reach a decision/answer quickly.


3. Take a walk


Use your lunch hour productively. If you have to run some errands, take a walk. If you normally read and eat your lunch quietly at your desk, take a walk to the nearest park and do it there instead.  If the weather isn’t great make sure you always have a brolly on you and just spend at least 15 minutes on a brisk walk. I promise you will feel so much better for it.


4. Watch those “secret” calories


You know the ones; the sugar in the coffee from the machine, the birthday cakes that are circulating the office, the biscuit tin temptations or the sweets on reception. Say no to these tempting treats. Remember you are sitting down for a huge chunk of the day, you don’t need the extra energy!


5. Look for opportunities to be active.


Apart from the obvious “take the stairs rather than the lift” you can really make some efforts to add activity into your working day. Set a “break” alarm on your phone or PC which reminds you to get up and walk around for 5 minutes every 45 minutes (get a glass of water – see Tip 1). When moving from office to office, walk a little quicker, take the stairs two at a time (or if you are feeling particularly active run up them!). Volunteer to do the dreaded filing and really squat down and reach up when you do this.


Make this week YOUR week to be as active at work as possible.  Let me know how it goes!


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