"I wanted to embark on a healthier lifestyle in order to set a good example for my children, the pressures of diet and weight surrounds us daily. It is important to me for my children to see food cooked at home with plenty of fresh veg and eating together as a family. It can be too easy to fall into the fast food trap of convenience, of course we do have treats including takeaways, but have these occasionally which teaches them to have a good relationship with food.


I contacted Colette so I could take control of my health and to feel comfortable and confident in my own skin. Just to be happy being me!


I have known Colette for about 7 years and seen how she had been working hard studying and working out at the gym or running marathons. Colette herself is “proof in the pudding” with her amazing results. I knew I could trust her to be honest with me but also supportive.


I was very pleased with the recommendations Colette put into place. I had hit a wall with my Gym routine and diet. Having Colette’s tips, advice and a new gym routine helped push me and give me a new lease of life to get to my goals.


The contact from Colette has been super amazing! She has been so supportive, easy to talk to and so helpful - full of information to help.


You don’t need to sugar coat anything and I know I can send her a message at any time with any questions. In my opinion you can’t get better value and I will no doubt be contacting Colette again to help with future goals."


Claire, May 2014

                        "I decided to ask for help with diet and exercise as I felt I was unhappy with my weight gain, weighing 176lbs at my heaviest, I felt I couldn’t lose it without help before my holiday of a lifetime. I am also a beginner runner (in an effort to help with weight loss) and signed up for the Great North Run, so needed help with a training plan for this too. I am very easily side-tracked from any diet so support through this is essential to me.


Colly has given me sound advice and guidance whilst encouraging me the whole way through. She has helped me understand more about foods and no question is too silly to ask. She has offered me more than diet advice, and even incorporated some competition when working out with friends to keep it interesting. Without her knowledge and encouragement, I couldn’t have managed what I have so far and feel like I can achieve all my goals, as long as I put the effort in. My outlook on food and exercise has changed for the better, and feel I have made a new friend through it all. I still have a long way to go, but I now know it is achievable. Her support has been priceless to me and I still receive her support today as my journey continues."


Leanne, April 2014